About Us

I started hunting in the 70’s with my Dad Bobby, and my Uncle Sammy, at Santee SwampSC (Low Falls Landing). Those was some of the best days of my life, sitting in a flat bottom boat, with a 25 hp mercury, with my Mom Marie. Man I was a baby. I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve been left on stumps and waded with no waders. Through this I formed a passion for duck hunting. I love the fellowship of hunting with friends and family. I would rather duck hunt than anything in the world. It’s my life. I have went to a new level over the past twenty years hunting with my sons Lake and Reign. There is nothing like teaching your kids how to hunt. Seeing the excitement in there eyes. I love being with them. This made me have a passion for call making, so we started Dead Duck Calls, a family business, owned an operated by Dargan, Kim, Lake and Reignbo. Thanks for blowing our calls!

– Dead Duck